Teaching Suggestions for a Maths lesson (theme- food)


When carrying out a Maths lesson about addition, related to the theme of ‘Food’, the Bee-Bot could be easily used. It is fun, entertaining and educational for the students. A mat including different fruit and vegetables could be used. In each box for example there would be 1 strawberry, 2 bananas in another box, and 3 oranges in another box and so on. Children in turns will be invited to choose a fruit or vegetable. They will have to use the bee-bot to go on it and then they will have to roll the dice to discover how many steps they need to add from the chosen fruits or vegetables.

This activity would be very useful in preparing the children to get familiar to the term addition and they would be learning the mathematical concept in a fun way whilst learning a lot of things. The children will not be aware of the further learning as they would be having fun experimenting and playing with the Bee-Bot. However, they will surely be learning other skills apart from adding. For example, they would surely be learning about directions as they would be giving directions to the bee-bot to move. On the other hand they would be enriching their vocabulary at communicating using mathematical concepts.

Then the Maths lesson could flow more easily as the children would have the concepts in mind. They would use these concepts for addition more easily rather than when working out certain worksheets. During this activity every student will have the chance to be included because the children who need to work harder will be motivated to try out the bee-bot, on the other hand the children who would need a challenge would use the activity to develop further ideas and constructions for further on. Therefore the Bee-Bot is really useful in each and every classroom, not only because it is fun to use but also it is attractive and very educational for the students.


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